Iraq facts and figures

Official country name: State of Iraq
National capital: Baghdad
Location: Sharing borders with three other OFID Member Countries – the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Area: 438,000 km2
Population: 37.884 million
Population density: 86 per km2
GDP per capita: US$ 4.389 *
GDP at market prices: US$166.274 billion *

* Source: OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin 2016


OFID Ministerial Council Member:
HE Dr Abdulrazzq A. Jaleel Essa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Acting Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

OFID Governing Board Representative:
HE Khaled Salah Alddin Mohammed Murad, Head of the Iraqi Fund for External Development, Ministry of Finance, Governor for the Republic of Iraq to OFID 

OFID Alternate Governing Board Representative:
Dr Salahuddin Hamid Juaatta, Director General of the Department of Public Debt,Ministry of Finance, Alternate Governor for the Republic of Iraq to OFID