OFID is pleased to announce the 2015/2016 OFID Scholars:

2015 OFID Scholar Aisuluu Abdyldaeva

Aisuluu Abdyldaeva from Kyrgyzstan has shown great courage and determination in the pursuit of her goals. She is passionately committed to the economic and social development of her country and hopes that a Master’s in International Management from the University of Roehampton, UK, will assist her to fulfil a dream: to establish her own organization developing and supporting future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals. “I am convinced that our governance system needs an inflow of young forward-thinking people. That’s why one of the directions of my future organization’s activities will be supporting and educating young leaders, encouraging them to go beyond the scope of an issue and think differently.”


2015 OFID Scholar Doaa Althalathini

Doaa Althalathini works for an economic empowerment program advising and supporting Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip through the planning and start-up of micro-enterprises. As a local, Doaa knows the importance of empowerment and opportunity for her people: “Micro and small enterprises happen to be one of the best solutions toward self-sufficiency, growing employment, empowerment and poverty alleviation, especially for women,” she says. A Master’s degree in Poverty and Development from the University of Sussex, UK, will help Doaa learn innovative approaches and new concepts, which she intends to share with colleagues in the economic empowerment program and use to introduce “effective measures to ensure sustainable sources of income” for her people.


2015 OFID Scholar Jennet Druscilla Buck

Jennet Druscilla Buck from Sierra Leone is a pharmacist working at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. She says: “There is a huge gap in the healthcare delivery system in the country. There is also a daily problem dealing with the high influx of fake and substandard drugs bought into the country both legally and illegally, which claim the lives of many.” With the support of the OFID Scholarship, Jennet will study for a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies at Kingston University, UK. She told OFID: “The development of our country depends on us Sierra Leoneans … I want to see development in every sector, but especially in the health sector … I want to be part of the force behind the change.”

OFID congratulates each of this year’s scholars and wishes them every success in their future endeavors!

Launched in 2005, OFID’s Scholarship Program sponsors outstanding young students from developing countries through their graduate studies in a development-related discipline. Through the program, OFID aims to help highly motivated, highly driven individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of advanced professional or graduate training. Previous OFID scholarship recipients.