Emergency Aid Operations

Emergency assistance from OFID is extended to help mitigate the suffering of victims of all kinds of catastrophes around the world, including OFID Member States. In the interests of sustainable development, OFID often follows up emergency assistance with conventional, low-interest loans to aid longer-term reconstruction in devastated regions. Emergency aid is channelled through specialized relief agencies, such as the IFRC, UNHCR, OCHA and the WFP.

In 2013, around US$2.1m was given in emergency aid to assist flood victims in Sudan, healthcare for Syrian refugees, hurricane survivors in the Philippines, and to provide food aid to Korea DPR and to Africa’s Sahel region.

Support Extended


Special Food Aid Account

The Food Aid account was set up to combat a stubborn enemy faced every day by poor people around the world: hunger. Although OFID has always responded to famine situations (most notably those of 1981 and 1984), it felt that more substantial assistance was needed in 2003, when drought-prone sub-Saharan Africa faced one of the worst food shortages in living memory. As soon as the scale of the famine became apparent, OFID allocated US$20 million to finance rapid food delivery to the affected populated in nine hardest hit African countries.

Supported Projects