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OFID and IDB launch strategic trade finance partnership

OFID and the IDB have signed a co-financing agreement to jointly promote development and economic growth in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region through the expansion of trade financing to LAC Banks.

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OFID's 151st session of its Governing Board

OFID’s Governing Board approves fresh funding to boost socio-economic development in over 30 partner countries

Over 30 partner countries stand to benefit from the latest round of financing approved at OFID's 151st Session of the Governing Board.

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Children’s Cancer Hospital (CCHE) receives OFID 2015 Annual Award for Development

OFID is honored to announce that the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE), widely known as Hospital 57357, has been selected to receive the OFID 2015 Annual Award for Development. The hospital was selected in recognition of its work in alleviating the suffering of children and its dedication in fighting cancer and achieving adequate treatment facilities.

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