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September 2014, #8


OFID approves emergency grant to fight Ebola in West Africa
image OFID has approved an emergency assistance grant to support the activities WHO in stopping the spread of the deadly Ebola virus which has claimed numerous lives in West Africa.
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Over 22 African countries to benefit from new funds approved by OFID’s Board
image Over 22 partner countries in Africa stand to benefit from fresh financing approved at the 148th Session of the Governing Board
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OFID allocates US$55m for Egyptian thermal power project
image OFID and Egypt signed a US$55m loan agreement to help finance the construction of a 650MW power plant in the Assiut Governorate in Upper Egypt.
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OFID supports two African partner countries: Tanzania and Senegal
A loan agreement was signed between OFID and Senegal for a sanitation project in Dakar’s ‘Zone Soleil.’ Two agreements were signed with Tanzania. One will boost the quality and availability of primary schools in Zanzibar, while another will support a rural development project.
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OFID signs loan agreements with The Gambia and Mali
image The loan to The Gambia will help build and upgrade classrooms and other school facilities in the western region. Mali's loan will go towards the completion of a project that is expanding and modernizing the Bamako-Senou airport.
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