Algeria facts and figures

Official country name: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
National capital: Algiers
Location: In northern Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the North, Mali and Niger to the south, Tunisia and Libya to the east, and Morocco and Mauritania to the west.
Area: 2.38 million km2 (second largest country in Africa)
Population: 41.7 million
Population density: 18 per km2
GDP per capita: US$ 4,173 *
GDP at market prices: US$ 174.099 billion *

* Source: OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin 2018


OFID Ministerial Council Member:
HE Mohamed Loukal, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

OFID Governing Board Representative:
Mr Farid Tiaiba, Chief of Cabinet, Ministry of Finance, Governor of Algeria to OFID

OFID Alternate Governing Board Representative:
Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ferhane, Alternate Governor of Algeria for OFID, Ministry of Finance