OFID Headquarters

Originally built between 1864 and 1868 to serve as a residential palace of the Austrian Archduke Wilhelm Franz Karl, who was Grand and German Master of the Order of the Teutonic Knights, OFID’s headquarters in Vienna’s 1st district remains one of the most significant and impressive of all palaces on Vienna’s Ringstrasse (the ring road marking Vienna’s inner district).

Built in the neo-renaissance style, the palace is still often referred to, among the Viennese, as Palais Deutschmeister. The five-story building, which has been declared a national monument, has a striking façade and a central atrium that extends to the roof and from which all wings of the building can be reached by separate staircases.

You can read more about this impressive building here:

  OFID Headquarters: A Brief History (English) [1.48 MB] 
  German version [1.48 MB]


OFID Headquarters


OFID Central Atrium