<font size="6">Annual Scholarship Award</font>
Annual Scholarship Award

OFID sponsors outstanding young students from developing countries through graduate studies in a development-related discipline.

OFID Scholarship

OFID’s scholarship award program provides opportunities for young, promising individuals to fulfil their potential and complete graduate studies. This year, OFID received more than 7,400 applications from aspiring academics from its partner countries. After qualifying, many of OFID’s student ambassadors have returned to their home countries to work in development-related fields.

Meet OFID's 2019 scholars:

Cristhian David Pulido Contecha, Colombia, will study Development Economics at the University of Sussex, UK.

Chung Do, Vietnam, will study Physical and Land Resources at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Irina Ghazaryan, Armenia, will attend Erasmus University Rotterdam to study Urban Management and Development.
Olive Musoni from Rwanda

Beatrice Hati Gitundu, Kenya, will study Urban Management and Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Sumaia Islam, Bangladesh, will study Urban Management and Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Tracy Lewis, Belize, will attend Utrecht University, Netherlands, to study Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship.
Amgalanzaya Tserenbaljir, Mongolia

Ahmed Mohamed, Egypt, will attend IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands to study Water Science and Engineering (specializing in Hydroinformatics).

Prisca Nyamukondiwa, Zimbabwe, will study Water and Sanitation for Development at Cranfield University, UK.

Eden Tsehaye, Ethiopia, will study Geo-information Science and Earth Observation at the University of Twente, Netherlands.
Amgalanzaya Tserenbaljir, Mongolia

Melisa Slep, Argentina, will study Development Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science.



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