Palestine Program  

The relationship between OFID and the Palestinian people dates back more than three decades. During this time, OFID has worked hard, through the provision of grant assistance, to lay foundations for the empowerment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as for those in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Today, these people are enduring one of the most challenging periods of their turbulent history.

Despite these challenges, however, life must go on. Palestinians still need to support themselves, they still need to raise and educate their children, and they still need the basic essentials such as food and shelter. Recognizing this, OFID’s support to Palestine reaches deep into people’s everyday lives, building human capacity and focusing on projects that offer Palestinians the hope of a long-term, sustainable future.

See video on left: Innovative Education for Palestinians: OFID and UNESCO

In uniting with the Palestinian people, OFID has co-financed hundreds of projects, extending valuable lifelines to this vulnerable population as they pursue their dream of an independent and secure Palestinian State. In 2015, seven grants totaling US$4.6m were drawn from the special program for Palestine in support of a broad range of interventions designed to improve the quality of life in marginalized communities.  

Read leaflet OFID and Palestine: A special solidarity.   Leaflet in Arabic