OPEC Fund and UNESCO join forces to battle HIV/AIDS in Asia



December 14, 2004
Vienna, Austria
The OPEC Fund for International Development today approved a grant of US$2.25 million to help finance a joint OPEC Fund/UNESCO Project on Mitigation of the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Asia through Education. The initiative covers 12 countries in Central, South East and West Asia and aims to reduce infection among young people by integrating prevention awareness into national education programs.
HIV/AIDS continues to cause damage in all corners of the world. In 2003 Asia suffered the second highest rate of new infections, with around 1.37 million people becoming HIV-positive. The region has many obstacles to overcome in its fight against the pandemic. Access to healthcare services is poor, there is limited or no sex education in schools, and little exists in the way of easily understood information materials.
The US$4.52 million joint initiative seeks to develop and implement a generic program on HIV/AIDS prevention education that is simple and standardized, yet comprehensive and sensitive to the particulars of each country, as well as applicable and adaptable to each community. The targeted countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, Lebanon, Syria, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam .
Activities to be carried out under the two-year project include: the development of advocacy materials for senior policy makers to help them devise appropriate strategies; the strengthening of national and local capacity to implement effective education programs; the promotion of HIV/AIDS prevention education through the media; the strengthening of tools to measure the impact of prevention education; and the scaling up of HIV/AIDS prevention education in schools.
The OPEC Fund grant will be drawn from its HIV/AIDS Special Grant Account , which was launched in 2001 with an initial endowment of US$15 million. Subsequent replenishments have boosted the account to US$35 million. Fund-sponsored projects are currently ongoing in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, selected Arab countries and Latin America and the Caribbean in association with lead agencies such as UNAIDS, the United Nations Population Fund, the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.


Project: Mitigation of HIV/AIDS crisis in Asia through Education
OPEC Fund loan: US$2.25 million
Beneficiary countries:
Afghanistan , Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan ( Central Asia );
Cambodia , Vietnam , Thailand , Bangladesh , China , Lao PDR ( South-East Asia );
Syria , Jordan , Lebanon ( West Asia ).
Total cost: US$4.52 million
Cofinanciers: UNESCO
Executing agencies: - UNESCO
- International Institute for Educational Planning
- Ministries of Education of beneficiary countries
Grant administrator:
Project Duration: 2 years (January 2005 – December 2006)