OPEC Fund extends US$1.275 million Grant to ease social distress in Palestine



December 14, 2004
Vienna, Austria
The OPEC Fund for International Development today approved a grant of US$1.275 million to support the activities and services of 13 civil society organizations in Palestine’s West Bank. The aim is to assist the poorest and hardest hit communities by addressing shortages and helping to meet some of their most urgent needs.
Conditions in Palestine remain grim, with the enforcement of curfews, closures and movement restrictions disrupting the economy and undermining the territories’ social fabric. As poverty and unemployment levels escalate, normal coping strategies are being exhausted, and thousands of families face crisis.
Civil society organizations play a critical role in this emergency by acting as a social safety net and providing assistance at grassroots level to the weakest members of the community.
The Fund’s grant will be drawn from its Special Grant Account for Palestine and divided among 13 Palestinian NGOs working across a wide range of social sectors and addressing needs such as mental health care, youth protection, vocational training for women, child care, health care, early childhood development and rehabilitation services for disabled youngsters.
It is the seventh grant approved from the Account, which was set up in 2002 with an initial endowment of US$10 million and replenished earlier this year with an additional US$15 million. Previous grants have helped finance the rehabilitation and construction of damaged homes and public buildings, the purchase of emergency medical equipment and assistance to Palestinian universities, together with a number of social and capacity-building projects.


Project: Assistance to Palestinian Civil Service Organizations; Phase I: The West Bank
Beneficiary country:
Beneficiary organizations: Grant amount:
Rawdat El-Zuhur US$100,000
The Palestinian Counseling Center US$100,000
Project Loving Care Society US$100,000
The Arab Thought Forum US$100,000
Young Women’s Christian Association
Union of Health Working Committees US$100,000
Early Childhood Resource Center US$100,000
The Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Society
The Union of Agricultural Work Committees
The Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for the Disabled Children
The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi Institute
Total OPEC Fund grant:
US$1.275 million
Grant administrator: Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Project duration: 1 year