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How to Apply

Applications for OFID private sector financing are invited from interested parties. Initial documentation should include:

  • project description and objective;
  • brief outline of general market environment, the sectors concerned and future prospects;
  • introduction to the organizational, ownership and managerial structures of the proposed project including financial and managerial information on project sponsors, promoters and other concerned parties;
  • background information on the economic environment and regulatory environment within which the proposed project will operate; and
  • financial information on the proposed project (past, current and projected), including level, type and justification of funding required.

A feasibility study and/or business plan, as well as other required documentation, will be requested from the applicant upon favorable progress of project review and consideration. Please use our contact form

The Assistant Director-General for Operations
OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)
Parkring 8 - A- 1010 Vienna, Austria