OFID Quarterly 

OFID Quarterly is OFID's flagship publication. Published four times a year, the magazine contains news stories about OFID projects and other outreach activities, as well as interviews with development thought leaders in both the public and private sectors. It also includes articles on topical development issues, together with coverage of key development conferences and reports.


July 2017: Today's children: In safe hands? 4.24 MBDownload
April 2017: Water makes the world go around 5.35 MBDownload
January 2017: Sustainable Cities: A dead cert or science fiction?OFID Quarterly5.21 MBDownload
October 2016: Asia: A New horizon?OFID Quarterly4.18 MBDownload
July 2016: Zero hunger by 2030: The not-so-impossible dreamOFID Quarterly6.32 MBDownload
April 2016: Migration and Development: A positive relationship?OFID Quarterly5.18 MBDownload
January 2016: 40 years uniting against povertyOFID Quarterly4.60 MBDownload
October 2015: The SDGs: much more than a new beginningOFID Quarterly7.08 MBDownload
July 2015: Women: Agents of the post-2015 agendaOFID Quarterly3.89 MBDownload
April 2015. Energy for the poor: A king's legacyOFID Quarterly6.41 MBDownload
Jan 2015: A pivotal year for global developmentOFID Quarterly6.01 MBDownload
Oct 2014: Family farming: Investing in a sustainable futureOFID Quarterly4.33 MBDownload
July 2014: Latin America's golden era: The road aheadOFID Quarterly3.86 MBDownload
April 2014: Gearing up for more effective development cooperationOFID Quarterly5.38 MBDownload
Jan 2014: Energy access for the poor: Can a decade make a difference?OFID Quarterly3.32 MBDownload
Oct 2013: Trading opportunity for prosperityOFID Quarterly4.12 MBDownload
July 2013: Transportation for Development OFID Quarterly3.93 MBDownload
April 2013: Africa RisesOFID Quarterly2.96 MBDownload
January 2013: 2013 International Year of Water CooperationOFID Quarterly3.66 MBDownload
October 2012: AIDS pandemic - the beginning of the end?OFID Quarterly4.91 MBDownload
July 2012: Microfinance: confronting poverty, crisis and changeOFID Quarterly7.55 MBDownload
April 2012: Rio+20: the promise and the potentialOFID Quarterly2.61 MBDownload
January 2012: The Digital Divide ChallengeOFID Quarterly3.18 MBDownload
October 2011: Working with Youth toward sustainable futureOFID Quarterly2.40 MBDownload
July 2011: Energy for All – the missing MDGOFID Quarterly3.11 MBDownload
April 2011: Uniting against Poverty - Special Edition on Partnering for DevelopmentOFID Quarterly2.54 MBDownload
January 2011: Special Anniversary issueOFID Quarterly3.69 MBDownload
October 2010: Special focus on HIV/AIDS OFID Quarterly3.66 MBDownload
July 2010 : Special focus on food security challengesOFID Quarterly3.05 MBDownload
OFID Quarterly - January 2009OFID Quarterly4.63 MBDownload
OFID Quarterly - April 2009OFID Quarterly3.17 MBDownload
OFID Quarterly - July 2009OFID Quarterly2.58 MBDownload
OFID Quarterly - Jan 2010: A Royal mission – fighting cancer in Jordan and the Middle East OFID Quarterly2.54 MBDownload
April 2010 : Special Edition on Energy Poverty challenges OFID Quarterly2.41 MBDownload
Newsletter: Oct - Dec 2008OFID Newsletter3.32 MBDownload
Newsletter: July - Sept 2008OFID Newsletter1.52 MBDownload
Newsletter: April - June 2008OFID Newsletter2.10 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan - Mar 2008OFID Newsletter1.46 MBDownload
Newsletter: Oct - Dec 2007OFID Newsletter1.73 MBDownload
Newsletter: July - Sept. 2007OFID Newsletter1.63 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan - June 2007OFID Newsletter1.17 MBDownload
Newsletter: Oct - Dec 2006OFID Newsletter934.09 KBDownload
Newsletter: May - Sept. 2006OFID Newsletter1.49 MBDownload
Newsletter: May 2006 Special Bilingual Edition (English/Arabic)OFID Newsletter4.17 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - Apr. 2006OFID Newsletter901.79 KBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 2005OFID Newsletter1.36 MBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 2005OFID Newsletter882.65 KBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. 2004 - Apr. 2005OFID Newsletter1.32 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - May 2004OFID Newsletter570.46 KBDownload
Newsletter: June - Aug. 2004OFID Newsletter614.89 KBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 2003OFID Newsletter703.71 KBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 2003OFID Newsletter562.90 KBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - Apr. 2003OFID Newsletter634.92 KBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 2002OFID Newsletter749.40 KBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 2002OFID Newsletter740.50 KBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - Apr. 2002OFID Newsletter618.88 KBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 2001OFID Newsletter578.07 KBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 2001OFID Newsletter1.85 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - Apr. 2001OFID Newsletter2.27 MBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 2000OFID Newsletter1.68 MBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 2000OFID Newsletter1.77 MBDownload
Newsletter: Jan. - Apr. 2000OFID Newsletter1.12 MBDownload
Newsletter: May - Aug. 1999OFID Newsletter1.31 MBDownload
Newsletter: Sept. - Dec. 1999OFID Newsletter1.82 MBDownload