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Pamphlet Series

Energy Poverty in Africa. Proceedings of a
workshop held by OFID in Abuja, Nigeria in 2008.
Issue 39 (2010)
Pamphlet Series 4.58 MBDownload
Biofuels and Food Security: Implications of an
accelerated biofuels production.
Issue 38 (2009)
Pamphlet Series 3.02 MBDownload
The Quest for Economic Reform and
Structural Transformation in the Arab Region.
Issue 37 (2007)
Pamphlet Series 1.71 MBDownload
Macro-economic Evolutions of Arab Economies Issue:
A Foundation for Structural Reforms.
Issue 36 (2007)
Pamphlet Series 547.19 KBDownload
The Legacy of Trade Reforms in the Arab Countries.
Issue 35 (2006)
Pamphlet Series 1.07 MBDownload
Contribution of the Oil Sector to Arab Economic Development.
Issue 34 (2006)
Pamphlet Series 463.38 KBDownload
Financing for development.
Issue 33 (2002)
Pamphlet Series 828.98 KBDownload
Coherence or Dissonance in the International
Institutional Framework: A Shifting Paradigm.
Issue 32 (2000)
Pamphlet Series 659.56 KBDownload
The WTO and the Developing Countries.
Issue 31 (1999)
Pamphlet Series 416.55 KBDownload
Restoring Perspective on the
Energy Issue (1981)
 612.68 KBDownload
The First Five Years
(Oct. 1976 – Oct. 1981)
Pamphlet Series 558.92 KBDownload
OPEC as a Donor Group (1980)Pamphlet Series 713.37 KBDownload
OPEC States and Third World Solidarity (1980)Pamphlet Series 671.08 KBDownload
Energy and the Developing Countries (1979)Pamphlet Series 798.80 KBDownload
The OPEC Special Fund and the
North-South Dialogue (1979)
Pamphlet Series 564.39 KBDownload
OPEC Aid, the OPEC Fund and Cooperation with
Commercial Sources of Development Finance (1978)
Pamphlet Series 549.80 KBDownload
The OPEC Special Fund: A New Approach
to International Financial Assistance (1976)
Pamphlet Series 538.78 KBDownload